Basic Stripping Wood strips are laid in a basic pattern. $2,850
Artistic Stripping Wood strips are laid in a complex pattern $3,250+
Painted or S&G

Wood strips used solely as a core material. (painted)

Plywood panels stitched and glued together (S&G)

S&G/Strip Hybrid Stitchand glue hull, woodstrip deck $2,550
SOF Fuselage style Skin On Frame $1,950+


Each custom build includes a computer designed preview of what the kayak

should look close to when competed (some examples above). 

Actual wood colors may vary, and designs may vary depending on difficulty vs. costs.

Each build will have a weekly updated, public or private,

photo gallery on this website for progress updates. 


Build options (additional charges apply)
Custom Plans Custom designed for you  
Other Plans Plans (templates) supplies by you  
Fiberglass Options  
Standard  6 oz E-Cloth outside and 4oz inside STD
Stronger 6oz inside and outside  
Lighter 4oz inside and outside  
Abrasion Resistance Additional 4oz applied to the hull's football area  
Wood Thickness
3/16" Thick Strips   STD
1/4" Thick Strips 30% stronger, increases overall weight  
Interior Finish
Clear Finished   STD
Painted Interior For clear finished kayaks  
Additional Paint Color
Additional Paint Color  For borders, etc...  
Deck and Hull Clear Finished Only  
Deck Only Clear Finished and Hybrid Boats  
Wood and Fiberglass Standard STD
Wood and Carbon Fiber Stronger, lower profile.  
Solid Carbon Fiber Super thin and light.  
Cockpit Recess
Flat recess   STD
Sunken Recess Recess flush w/ deck.  
Outfitting Options
Foam MiniCell foam mounted to backer, carved and velcroed in.
Wood Carved from a wood block  
Aftermarket Depends on style STD
Deckline Fittings
Tube Fittings Fiberglass tube fittings. STD
Wood, Raised Standard Style  
Wood, Recessed Neat all-wood appearance.  
Aftermarket Depends on style  
Wooden Foot Brace Adjustable.  
Foam on Bulkhead Minicell foam mounted to front bulkhead.  
Aftermarket Depends on style STD
Externally secured    
Internal Bungees No external hatch hardware.  STD
Aftermarket Depends on style  
Internal Skeg Hardwood Skeg  
Custom Built Rudder Prices starting at  
Aftermarket Depends on style  


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